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Although Oahu is considered a paradise because of its gorgeous weather and stunning views, it is not exempt from weather damage to homes and roofs. Tropical storms, winds, and salt air can all wreak havoc on your roofing, but when it comes time to file an insurance claim with your insurance company – True Home Hawaii has got your back! 

Insurance Roof Restoration

Making an insurance claim on your roof damage can be a tricky and frustrating process. Insurance companies love when homeowners file claims on their own. But we at True Home Hawaii Roofing believe that you are entitled to get the most out of your policy, so we are here to be your advocate.

Natural damage can be easy to miss, but our experts will use their trained eyes to guarantee no damage goes unaccounted for. If we recommend that you file a claim, we will be with you through the entire process to ensure you have a smooth and quick insurance experience. Read on to find out the easy steps you can take to file an insurance claim for your roof.

Inspection and Agreement

If you have a question about the damage to your roof and wonder whether insurance would cover the restoration, our experts are here to help. We will first perform a free roof evaluation and let you know if there is any qualifying wind damage. Then, our team will take photos and compile a thorough report that we will share with you after the assessment. 

Before we take any further steps, we will ask you to sign an agreement. This agreement states that you will allow us to represent you in your communication with your insurance provider and approve True Home Hawaii to perform any necessary repairs at the cost your insurance agrees to cover. 

Filing the Claim and Approval

Once you file a claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the natural damage. We recommend that your True Home Hawaii project manager be present during the assessment to guarantee no damage is overlooked. After the adjuster’s assessment, you will receive something called a “scope of work,”—what your insurance is willing to pay for. Make sure your project manager reads over the “scope of work” to ensure you get the necessary coverage you deserve. 

Design and Build

Focus on the fun part—discussing the design of your renovation! Your project manager will discuss color and material options for your roof and address any other requests you might have. Once all the details are hammered out (pun intended!) and you are ready to move forward, your insurance will pay to restore your roof to its pre-storm condition.

Final Inspection

When your roof restoration is complete, we will perform a final walk-through to make sure all the renovations are up to city code. After, we will close your claim and ask your insurance for the final payment. 

Trust True Home Hawaii

Many homeowners may be surprised to find out they can get their roof replaced for just the cost of the deductible. That’s why True Home Hawaii is adamant about supporting our customers in their dealings with insurance companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to advocate for our community members when they go up against the insurance companies. 

Restore Your Roof with True Home Hawaii

If you are not sure whether your roof damage qualifies for insurance restoration, get in touch with True Home Hawaii. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and prepare you for filing a claim. To set up an inspection, call us today at 808-359-0035 or contact us here.

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