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It’s the rainy season here in Hawaii, and we just wanted to check in with you. Are you missing shingles? Do you have a leak? Has the wind done a number on your roof? You needn’t worry; the professionals at True Home Hawaii are here for you.

To put your worries to rest and answer some of your common questions, we put together our top 5 tips to help you prepare for the storms in Oahu. With these tips, we hope you can feel confident in the middle of your next storm and know the team at True Home Hawaii is always here to help you and your family. 

Rainy Season Roof Damage

The wettest months of the year are from November to March, bringing strong winds, excessive rain, and cooler temperatures. The National Weather Service declares that roofs are in immediate danger when winds are moving at 45 mph or higher. In Oahu, winds can sometimes double that, putting your roof in potential trouble. 

Likewise, older roofs are more susceptible to high winds and downpours since many lack structural integrity. For these reasons and more, you’ll want to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape before and after each Hawaiian storm. 

Check Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters are essential to moving water off your roof and into your drainage system. During storms, wind can cause leaves, twigs, sediment, and other debris to accumulate in your gutters, effectively blocking the water flow. If the flow does become clogged, water can spill over the sides of your home and into your home’s siding, which can quickly cause expensive water damage. We recommend you inspect your gutters before and after each storm to avoid any significant roof damage.

Monitor Your Solar Panels

While your solar panels should be an asset to your home, they can sometimes become an expense if not monitored. If not installed correctly, or if your roof is too old or incompatible, your solar panels can lead to roof leaks and water damage. You shouldn’t notice problems soon after solar panel installation, but a strong Hawaiian storm may bring out the panels’ weaknesses. If you note leaks before, during, or after the next time it’s raining cats and dogs, don’t hesitate to contact our solar panel experts at True Home Hawaii

Look for Worn-Down Shingles

If you’ve got shingles, you may be able to tell if they’re wearing down during the stormy season before it’s too late. After a storm, if you notice shingles curling up, cracked, or missing granules, it’s time to talk to a roofing expert. For those who may not know, granules are the exterior coating on asphalt shingles and are an extra layer of protection against the elements. Once the granules are damaged, it’s only a matter of time before your shingles don’t shelter you from precipitation like they used to. If your shingles are in shambles, don’t fret! The team at True Home Hawaii can tackle all your roofing problems with our roofing repair services

Inspect Your Roof’s Interior

Prevention is the name of the roofing game in Hawaii. We recommend you schedule some time to inspect your roof’s interior for the next sunny day. You should be able to evaluate the roof’s condition from your attic, crawlspace, or storeroom. Once you’ve found your spot, look to see if any sunlight is creeping through the roof. If you find sunshine peeking through, contact the team at True Home Hawaii. If you don’t do anything about an opening, no matter how big or small, you could wind up with costly repairs the next time the storm clouds roll in. 

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Above all else, scheduling a professional inspection is the best safeguard against roofing catastrophes during storm season. A roofing expert can examine the interior and exterior of your roof and evaluate those hard-to-reach spots that the average homeowner wouldn’t check. They can also recommend any extra storm protection your roof may need, and catch any repairs before it becomes a full-fledged fiasco. If you want to feel confident about your roof’s integrity during storm season, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. 

Keep You & Your Family Safe This Storm Season

During the rainy months in Oahu, getting your roof ready and finding someone you trust for repairs can be overwhelming. With years of experience, you don’t have to guess if your roof can handle storm season with True Home Hawaii. We are dedicated to your overall satisfaction and only use the highest quality products for your roof repair and installation. If you’d like to learn more about storm protection for your roof or need to schedule a roof repair, we’re ready to assist you.

Oahu’s Top Roofing Contractor

True Home Hawaii is a full-service residential and commercial roofing company in Oahu. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and workmanship to each customer—creating lifelong relationships. If you have experienced significant damage to your roof during the past few months of the rainy season, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

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