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How to Know When to Replace, Repair or Patch Your Roof

Being a homeowner comes with a ton of responsibility. Everyday there is something new that needs to be tended to and often times with the million other things going on, you forget about the very roof that is keeping you safe and protected. Just like all other parts of your home, your roof needs your attention too!

Here is how to know when your roof needs replacement, patching or repairs:

If your house is brand new, you probably don’t need to worry about this for the next few years but if it has been around for some time, it might need replacement. If you see shingles and loose sediment around your roof or sediment blocking the gutters, it might be the right time for replacement. Additionally, if your roof starts looking a bit discolored or the edges and corners seem worn down, maybe you should call in a professional to have a look.

Depending on the roofing materials you’ve chosen, you may know exactly when repairs are necessary. Though with different materials, they have different lifespans, it is always great to keep an eye out for loose slating or tiles. If the damage is minor, you may just have to call a True Home Roofing professional and have it inspected. Be careful though, a gap in your roof could cause damage within your house. For example, rainwater could seep-in if a part of your roof has experienced damage during the monsoon season.

This is the easiest of them all! If you are regularly checking up on your roof, chances are you just need to patch certain areas. If you are experiencing leaks within your home and if it is coming in through a single identified spot, it means your roof just needs to be patched.
If you are regular with your roof check-ups, you can deal with these problems easily and at a very low cost. Allowing the problem to get worse and letting your roof disintegrate will only make matters worse and you can surely expect that bill to run a lot longer than you might be able to finance!

To see if your roof needs Patching, Repairing or Replacing, Contact True Home TODAY for an inspection.