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What You Should Know About Roof Repair Warranties

Manufacturing Defects Only

Roof warranties cover only manufacturing defects. This means that they don’t cover deterioration or damage sustained due to age and wear and tear.
Conditions That Are Covered

Besides manufacturing defects, other defects that may be covered under the roof repair warranty are blow-off resistance and algae resistance.

Make sure that you read the warranty in full to know exactly what is covered. Don’t assume anything.
Installation Warranty

The installation warranty is also crucial. This is the warranty that you get from the roofer or contractor that performed the roof installation. You should read it carefully to know exactly what is covered and the length of time for which the warranty is valid.

A good roofer will give you a longer warranty. That is a sign of the roofer’s confidence in their roofing installation prowess.
What’s not Covered

What’s not covered in the warranty is just as crucial to know as you will have to pay out of pocket for these costs. Damage due to faulty drainage, bad building design and poor ventilation is not covered.
Prorated Warranty Coverage

Roof warranties, much like all other warranties, have different periods of coverage. After the “up front” time period is over, compensation will be reduced. This will depend on the length of time for which the roof was in use.
Notification Period

To avail benefits under the warranty, you have to inform the manufacturer within a specific time frame. If you take too long, then you may lose the right to be compensated.
Acts that Void the Warranty

Acts of negligence can render the warranty void. So if you don’t call in regular inspections as stipulated in the terms and conditions, your warranty may become invalid.

That is why you should trust the best in the business for roof inspections.

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