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Wind, Rain, and Heat: The Best Roofing Materials for Tropical Climates


Let’s start off with the wind. Palm trees are practically invulnerable to it, but unfortunately, your roof is not. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it strong. Ordinary shingles, while cheap, they won’t give your roof the strength it needs to withstand storms. If you choose shingles for your roofing materials, be sure to choose laminated shingles since they are stronger and provide better protection. Keep in mind, these shingles may not be your go-to option for hurricane resistance, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option to protect your house from basic weather, this may be the option for you. Shingles aren’t the only roof materials for your home, though. Metal roofs can also provide good, if not better, wind resistance and can have a longer lifespan than shingles. Tile roofing can be a great option too and is statistically strong enough to resist wind speeds of most tropical storms.

Now to rain, another common feature of your tropical climate. Technically, asphalt shingles can work, but to make them work for tropical climates, you’ll also need to get algaecides to prevent algae growth on top. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are particularly great at shedding rainfall, but only if they are installed in the correct way. Keep in mind, this type of roof can also be louder during storms. You may find this aspect annoying unless you happen to like these enhanced rain sounds. It ultimately comes down to a matter of opinion. Tile roofing materials may be the best in regard to this tropical feature, since it simply can’t rot, making it the perfect roofing materials for hot and humid days.

Asphalt shingles are great for cooler climates since they absorb heat and can help make your house warmer. However, this feature can put unnecessary stress on your air conditioning unit in an already warm tropical climate. Metal roofing is a much better option because it has the opposite effect and reflects heat off your roof, helping to make your home cooler and your air conditioner work less. Tile also does well in heat because it has a similar effect on your home by making it be better insulated.
Finding The Best Roofing Materials

Let’s wrap things up. Which roofing materials are best for us in our tropical climate? Affordability: Asphalt Asphalt shingles are an extremely popular option among homeowners, likely because they are often cheaper than metal or tile roofs. However, as shown above, these are not your go-to option for tropical weather. If you’re simply looking for something to keep the rain out, they will work, but not last. Durability: Metal Properly installed metal roofing is an awesome option for your home. It is very durable and reflects heat, a great feature when living in a tropical climate. The roof material cost for metal can be higher than asphalt, but its resistance to tropical weather is also higher as well. Aesthetics: Tile If you’re looking for a unique option to make your roof stand out, tile roofing materials are the way to go. Although not as tough as metal, they still have the key features needed to keep the rain outside in a tropical climate. Still determining the right roof? We can help! Feel free to contact us or check out this post for more roofing advice!