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The island of Hawaii is vast and stunning, offering its inhabitants epic hiking trails, historical landmarks, and ocean views as far as the eye can see. Home to some of the most unique tropical trees and fruits, Hawaii remains a destination spot throughout the year. But, for those who call the island home, these remarkable plants can easily damage your roof.

At True Home Hawaii, we offer residential and commercial roof repairs and replacements to assist with destruction that can occur throughout the year. Our roofing contractors are dedicated to keeping your home intact throughout unforeseen weather conditions and other trees and foliage. Here, you’ll find some dangers to your roof that you may not have been aware of.

Nature is Unique in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to the only tropical rainforest in the United States, with more than 175 species of trees inhabiting the island. The lush greenery, tropical fruits, and unique plants are all beautiful to study and admire, but can have their downside when it comes to your home. What we may view as beautiful could be a potential threat to the structure of your roof—causing costly repairs and replacements.

Palm Trees

If you’ve ever felt the weight of a palm branch, you know just how much damage they can do to your home and your roof. Whether a tropical storm blows the tree itself onto your roof or a large windstorm breaks the palms and they settle atop your home, palm trees can be a recurring problem for homeowners.

If a palm tree is located too close to your home, the palms can easily rub across your roof when the wind picks up. In doing so, they can remove asphalt shingles which will lead to a roof leak and water damage. Additionally, dried-out palm fronds are a giant fire hazard. If left to rot and dry out on top of your roof, the palms could potentially cause a house fire—not only damaging your roof but the entirety of your home.


Coconuts are lovely to drink for a beach day thirst quencher, but are one of the most common reasons behind roof damage in Hawaii. When a coconut is fully ripe, it will naturally fall from the base of a palm tree. As the coconut naturally falls or is thrown from the cluster attached to the tree, it can fracture your roof tiles. Though a coconut typically only weighs one to two pounds, the force with which it falls onto your roof can create serious damage. Additionally, rotting coconuts can invite pests to claim your roof as their new home.

Not only can a coconut cause costly damage to your roof and home, it can also become a safety hazard for passersby. In order to prevent coconuts from becoming fast moving missiles, it’s important to prune the palm tree itself and remove coconuts regularly. If removing the tree from the property is not an option, we recommend purchasing a coconut safety net. These can be easily installed beneath the coconut cluster so prevent any future damage.


Mosses are a collection of non-vascular flowerless plants that thrive in damp or shady conditions. Unlike other plants, moss doesn’t have roots and absorbs water through their cells—making the island of Hawaii the perfect place to grow and expand. Due to its lack of root structure, moss grows low and can spread across wide flat surfaces. Though the look of moss can be appealing to those who prefer a rustic and worn-in appearance, it can cause damage to your roof.

Since moss grows quickly and abundantly, it acts as a heavy wet blanket on your roof, locking in moisture. This moisture retention can lead to rot, bacteria, and mold growth at a rapid rate, and you can’t always see the damage beneath. Additionally, as moss grows, it can creep underneath your shingles, tiles, and slates, lifting them off your roof. You’ll have to replace tiles and shingles quickly to prevent any leaks or structural harm.

Foliage Can Damage Your Roof, But True Home Hawaii Can Help

Palm trees provide shade on those unbearably hot days. Almonds and coconuts provide sustenance to islanders. And moss is an inevitable plant that will grow anywhere water is found. Though each of these wonderful plants have a purpose, that purpose shouldn’t be damaging your roof.

At True Home Hawaii, we’re dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line commercial and residential roofing solutions, quality craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service. We understand the struggle that island life can bring—from tropical storms to daily heat waves—and want to make sure you enjoy your home on these beautiful islands rather than constantly repairing it. 

True Home Hawaii: Roofing with Aloha

As Oahu’s full-service residential and commercial roofing company, we’ve created a tight-knit community of friendly professionals. When you trust us with your roofing repair or replacement needs, you become a part of our family. If you’re in need of a roof repair or replacement due to the trees and foliage of the island, contact us at (808) 359-0035 today. We’ll send our team out to inspect the damage and quote you at a reasonable price.

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