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We are skilled and certified in all facets of roofing, with 50+ years of experience. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our reviews reflect that. True Home tailors our services to your needs and offers a 7-year craftsmanship warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Mike Colosimo
    Meet Mike Colosimo, the founder of True Home Hawaii. Originally from Chicago, Mike relocated to Oahu in pursuit of a simpler life for his family. Rooted on the North Shore with his wife Nicole and three children, Mike embodies True Home's ethos and is proficient in all aspects of roofing His inclusive leadership fosters creativity among his staff, valuing their growth and input. Beyond work, Mike enjoys family time, skating, bodyboarding, and fostering a tight-knit community through gatherings. Mike's commitment shapes True Home into a trusted, familial haven, always prioritizing clients, employees, and company prosperity.
  • Rick Guerrieri
    Damage Expert
    Rick came to us as a roofing damage expert. Previously helping homeowners that had been affected by catastrophic natural disasters all over the U.S.. He is an expert at navigating through the insurance recovery process to make sure clients are represented fairly. Following right behind him is our favorite office dog, Fury, brightening all of our days.
  • Rayne Gourley
    Business Development
    Rayne is our business-to-business representative. Her zest for life and love for people allows her to form long term relationships with likeminded professionals across O’ahu. From property management to general contracting- You can sleep easy knowing your clients are in Rayne’s hands. If you’re lucky, she’ll manage your project from start to finish! Coming from a background in construction with her family, she loves being in the field. Inspecting, estimating, and managing builds lights her fire as much as connecting with new friends.
  • Mack Poborca
    Project Manager
    Mack is one of the original True Home Project Managers. He always strives for a win/win outcome and spends most of his day at the job site. Not afraid to jump in and work himself, Mack is well versed in the intricacies of building a roof, with his expertise residing in commercial roofing. Mack is the office clown and backs it up with the best laugh. When he doesn’t have the office rolling in laughter, you will find him driving for Meals on Wheels to give back to the community, or out deep sea fishing. As a boat captain, he loves being on the water with his wife, Brynn, and daughter, Quinn, taking advantage of all Oahu has to offer.
  • Giuseppe Hess
    Project Manager
    Giuseppe is our resident Italian roofer. For 7 years he has been in positions of leadership, sales, and project management. Insurance mitigation can be tough, and that’s why he loves being on the front lines with the homeowner to make sure they get a fair shake out of the insurance policy. When he is not on your roof, you can expect to find this Italian stallion in the boxing gym or the beaches of the North Shore. Originally from SoCal, Giuseppe is now on Oahu for the long haul.
  • Nick Jones
    Project Manager
    Nick has been a friend of Mike, our True Home owner, since the beginning. He is originally from San Clemente, California, and has been living on the North Shore for over ten years. When he is not roofing, Nick is a fireman in Kailua. On his off days, you will find Nick surfing big waves or with his wife, Ellie, and their two wiener dogs on the beach. Nick is a solution-based problem solver and loves a challenge. He is known for his patience and prides himself on being accommodating and punctual.
  • Chris Bodily
    Project Manager
    Originally born in Hawaii, Chris finally made his way back to the island in 2021 to touch base with his roots! He grew up in Oregon, but he also lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Albuquerque, NM, and Austin, TX—taking advantage of the outdoors in each new home. He has a vast background in management and sales. After working with children on the autism spectrum, he found purpose in work, and wants to continue that by helping families get affordable roofing through True Home Hawaii!
  • Ernest Chang
    Project Manager
    Hailing from Kailua, Ernest is an exceptional individual. With an extensive background in project management and sales, Ernest brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team, making him a valuable addition.
    Beyond his professional skills, Ernest is also a talented musician who lends his musical talents to events and restaurants. His kind and compassionate nature shines through in his approach to client and project management. Ernest ensures that everything runs seamlessly, prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of his clients above all else.

  • Rob Skivington
    Project Manager
    Rob has several years of experience in the roofing restoration industry. Having previously assisted clients in Florida through the challenges posed by Hurricane Ilda, Rob decided to make a change and embrace the laid-back island lifestyle of Hawaii. Upon joining the True Home team, Rob has been actively engaged in assisting homeowners in navigating the insurance recovery process, particularly due to the numerous wind storms that have swept through the islands this year. His easy-going nature and genuine desire to assist others make him a valuable asset to our team and a trusted advocate for Hawaii's homeowners.

  • Matt Eisenstein
    Roof Inspector
    Matt is from New Jersey, but he made a bold move to Hawaii not too long ago in pursuit of a fresh career path. Prior to this adventurous transition, Matt had spent his time in the financial planning industry. However, he felt the need for something different and decided to embark on a new journey. Matt took his first steps into the workforce by canvassing for True Home. Through dedication and hard work, he gradually climbed the ranks, ultimately specializing in roof inspection and estimating. Today, Matt stands as one of our most accomplished representatives, a testament to his unwavering commitment. One of Matt's defining traits is his ever-present smile and his genuine passion for assisting his clients. He consistently goes the extra mile, always striving to exceed expectations in his efforts to aid those he serves.
True Home Hawaii Roofing is the TOP roofing company on Oahu that specializes in helping homeowners to get most, if not all, of the cost of a new roof covered by someone else.



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We specialize in helping homeowners get someone else to pay for the roof.
We aren't afraid to tackle even the smallest jobs. If you have a healthy roof, but there is a small amount of damage, we will repair only what needs to be done.
Along with small jobs, we are no stranger to protecting the largest roofs on the Island
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  • They were behind me every step of the way in getting my claim completely covered.... I seriously felt like I had a team behind me, supporting my family and I through a very complicated process. GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT COMPANY. It's been a long time since I've said that about any organization. They have my strongest recommendation!!!!! TRUE HOME HAWAII IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!
  • This was my first time submitting a homeowner's insurance claim and thankfully Giuseppe was there to walk me through everything. He gave me all of the information I needed to file the claim and also came to meet the insurance agency's roofing company when they did their inspection for the claim.The True Home crew did a great job.
  • I was interested in getting solar panels but needed a new roof first because of my old roof that had some damaged shingles. Chris at true home hawaii was recommended by my solar company to get quote and repairs done. He was very helpful and found that my roof might qualify for repair coverage... I planned to get a new roof anyways but he helped from beginning to end with receiv(ing) funds for the majority of my roof costs!
  • Aloha, I am truly pleased with my new roof and extremely happy with the service provided by True Home Hawaii. The workers are great. I was grateful to work with Michael Colosimo. He was honest and explained I had wind damage. He explained the step-by-step process it would take to make a claim... I had to trust him! With his continued support and open communication. I was able to get a whole new replacement of a brand new roof. Made me feel more comfortable and stress-free! My roof looks amazing. I would highly recommend using True Home Hawaii! Big Mahalo, Michael


Have you ever worked with a bad contractor? It is our mission through hard and honest work to change the stigma. Doing what we say we will do, saves you time, hassle, and unexpected cost. If it’s cash work or insurance related, residential or commercial, we are doing everything in our control to be the best community based roofer on island.
The only way to get there is through high quality, integral workmanship. Let us show you how we want to earn you as a client, by Roofing with Aloha!