Roof GIveaway
TERMS & COnditions
This giveaway will be used for True Home use only and no information will be sold or transferred to a third party in any way. No purchase is necessary for a person to submit to win the contest.

This giveaway is a donation to a needing family.

We will be mainly considering people who cannot afford their roof replacement, people who contribute to their community, house with multiple generations, and/or who have suffered loss and or experiencing hardships. These are not requirements, but will be deciding factors when a winner is selected.

How the qualification process will work:
1.) A person will submit themselves into the roof giveaway through our website

2.) Once submitted True Home Hawaii Inc. (THH) will contact the nominee and confirm their scheduled roof inspection time and date and assign a Project Manager (PM).

3.) At this appointment the PM will survey and create an estimate for the roof replacement. PM
will have the client fill out a consent form. If there is evidence of wind
damage the PM may recommend *filing a homeowners ins claim. The homeowner/insurance company is not obligated to contract with THH when replacing/repairing the roof with insurance.

THH/PM Will explain to the homeowner that the retail value is capped at $50,000.00, and clarify any options for the homeowner if he/she wishes to proceed if the estimate/end cost is beyond the $50,000 cap. In addition, a homeowner's eligibility for a new roof through insurance will render them ineligible for the roof giveaway.

4.) All submissions & Inspections must be completed by Saturday Dec 16, 2023 at 6pm , THH will then internally review all the submissions.

5.) THH will choose the winner December 24th 5pm via facebook & Instagram live stream.

6.) Once the winner is selected, we will contact them and schedule the date of their roofing installation and fill out a contract for Color Selection and Scope indicating No Charge.

9.) Build will commence within 30 days of contract.

Construction Terms

Retail value maxed at $50,000. We are not responsible for carpentry, termite damage, and Interior damage prior to installation. Winner will be responsible for the portion of expenses beyond the $50,000 cap, options should the expenses exceed $50,000.


*** If the client is to engage in a homeowners insurance claim standard THH processes will commence. If the client is approved for a roof replacement by these means, then they will be disqualified as they no longer need a new roof. If they are denied, by their carrier they will stay on the qualified list.

*Filing of a Homeowner’s insurance claim is solely the discretion of the Nominee. True Home will simply be acting as a roofing contract and assist the client in the process by creating an estimate and showing the carrier the damages found.

**Instagram & Facebook will be the platform where we will inform the public

- True Home will provide all material warranties from manufacturer and craftsmanship
warranties (7 years) as per normal business protocols.

**** We hold the right to extend the date determined by the amount of submissions or for any reason THH see fit but no more than 60 days thereafter.

In order to avoid the appearance of THH influencing the contest to its benefit, THH employees and their immediate family members are prohibited from entering the contest.

Eligibility - lives on island of Oahu

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